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Optimal Health Program

A four week, personalized and monitored detoxification process designed to internally cleanse and rejuvenate all organ systems and vital organs. It includes:

  • Initial Nutritional Evaluation
  • Customized supplement regimen
  • Supporting literature and guidelines
  • All vitamins, herbs and supplements
  • One-on-one guidance
  • Weekly appointments
  • Follow-up and maintenance

Other Services

  • Individual nutrition consultations
  • Personal history evaluation
  • Health counseling and suggested direction
  • Energy balancing sessions
  • Laboratory Analysis and Diagnosis
  • In office or phone appointments
  • Office located in Basalt, Colorado


Deluxe Customized Option

Elaine comes to your home
An opportunity to change your life!

  • Private option to Optimal Health Program
  • Daily appointments and support in your own home
  • Personalized coaching on healthy eating and cuisine
  • Exercise regimes and guidelines
  • Complete lifestyle overhaul


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